Friday, February 18, 2011

My Pizza is Getting Cold

We're overdue for an unplanned, stream of consciousness type of blog entry. We're having a late dinner and its "almost ready" so I may have to scoot away. There are Teresa and Lucia, acting pretty much in character. We had a great day today because the weather was so warm. Warm days in winter are great: the cabin-fever atmosphere is broken and the living sphere expands. Everybody goes outside. We had a stunning moonrise tonight. Mommy said, "look at the moon," and the kids all ran out, grabbing whatever footwear was available (which meant both pairs of my shoes--they wear my shoes all the time). I was stuck in my socks!

Where does beauty come from? We are suddenly struck: "what a beautiful moon!" The heart lifts up. The heart cries out, "wonder-ful." Where does this sense of wonder come from? Why can't we capture it, freeze it and hold onto it forever? We want that, don't we? Beauty forever. Who would say "no" to that?

And yet it eludes us. The moon fades. The day passes. The pizza is ready and its time to eat. Then it will be "time" for something else. Yet the experience of life is always hinting "eternity"--it says to us, "this joy should last...." And our hearts respond, "I want forever." Is it a lie, a trick, a tragedy, this life of ours with its hope? No. It must be true. Never give up. Seek the Beauty that reality points to every day.