Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Taste Of Eternity

All of our life is related to our destiny. This is what makes reality attractive. The more we become aware of this, however, the more vulnerable we often feel. Why is this?

The "taste" of eternity that life awakens in us fascinates us and draws us on, but it also brings sorrow because the fulfillment is not yet here, because we must wait. We must endure. Nothing we do in this world can take this sorrow away, because we long for the Infinite--we really do! There really is a relationship between every event in our lives and eternity, and it is the secret behind every true joy.  But even the joys of this life are permeated with the ache of longing, with the "not yet." In the end, only the Cross makes this bearable. But joy is also full of promise and hope, and even its sorrow is sweeter than any regular satisfaction. It hopes in the Resurrection.