Monday, April 23, 2012

The Whisper of "Forever"

I am spending time with my family, and I am content.

And yet....

It is not only in disappointment and suffering, but also and especially in the experience of good things that the yearning of the heart awakens, and I am wounded with wonder and hope. I expect and reach toward the Mystery for whom I have been made. Every true satisfaction, in this world, contains within itself this deepening of desire.

The experience of being loved is a sign and a promise that points to my destiny, where everything will be fulfilled. And so I can truly appreciate and receive with tenderness and joy the genuine goodness of this moment. I do not grasp it in a selfish and possessive way; rather I hear its call and am empowered with the confidence to give myself.

When the fragile moments of life whisper "forever" to our hearts, they are not lying.