Monday, July 2, 2012

The Precious Blood of Jesus

In the tradition of the Latin rite, the month of July is dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus. When we dwell upon the blood that was shed on the Cross and is poured out for us in the Eucharist, we remember that the life Jesus gives us is something fundamentally vital. He has come to transform my humanity, and the very blood in my own veins belongs to Him. The same is true of the blood of my brothers and sisters, the blood of every person. He became flesh so as to claim for Himself and thereby give a new meaning to our humanity--to heal us and transform us and make us children of the Father.

The Church presents "the Precious Blood of Jesus" not just to focus our sentiments, but to open up our hearts to the reality of the gift of His love, that we might seek Him and beg to discover Him more and more as the truth of our daily lives.

Here is a reflection I have written. My reflections are nothing more than my attempts to express the desire for His presence that stirs in my soul even in the midst of so many distractions.

Jesus, draw me close to Your heart
and let its precious blood and cleansing water
flow through me
and rouse my sluggish soul.
Awaken my mind and heart
to the reality of Your presence in this moment;
This moment,
in which You give Yourself to me
and fill everything with the torrents of Your love.
Flood my soul with the river of Your mercy;
let it surround me
and flow into all the narrow places,
so much in need of healing.
Fill me with Your life-giving Spirit,
who calls me forth to live truly
in the Father's love.

Dear Mother Mary,
pray that my heart might be filled
with a hunger and hope for Jesus,
whom you are bringing to me in this moment,
in every moment of every day.
Show me your tenderness
so that the love of God feels close to me,
and pray that the Holy Spirit will bring healing
and take down barriers
and soften whatever is hard,
soften it with compassion.