Friday, September 28, 2012

My Hunger Cries Out For You

Lord Jesus,
in the Eucharist You are present
with the whole of the love
that penetrates the depths of our suffering.

Lord Jesus, I am hurting.
I am haunted by my own failure.
I cannot live by myself.
I am dry and shriveling and dying
of hunger.

I turn my heart to You,
O Eucharistic Lord
I need You.
My nothingness cries out
to Your small, hidden, humble love.

O Lord, unite me to Yourself.
Fill this depthless hunger,
this me,
this gigantic longing
that breaks through all my strange pains
and cries out for You. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! :)
And since *everything* sounds better in Latin...

Jejunditas Mea at Te Clamat
Domine Jesu,
In Eucharistiam es praesens
cum absolutione amoris
quae profunditates miseriae penetrat.

Domine Jesu, doleo.
Defectu meo frequentor.
Solum non vivo.
Sum aridus et marcescans
et jejunditate interens.

Cordem ad Te dirigo,
O Domine Eucharistice;
Te requiro.
Nihilitas mea clamat
ad agapen tuam parvam, absconditam, humiliem.

Domine, commite ad Te,
imple hanc jejunditatem profundam
hunc me,
hanc lubidinem colossicam
quem omnes ignotos dolores abrumpit
et ad Te clamat.

Yes, I had a little too much time on my hands. :P But hey, it was fun! ;)

John Janaro said...

Wow, I'm honored. One has to love the compactness of Latin: "Solum non vivo" or "Nihilitas mea clamat." I'll bet this was fun. God bless you and thank you for the effort.

I should try writing some Latin verse, and then get my son--who far exceeds me as a Latin scholar--to correct it! :)