Friday, August 23, 2013

I Don't Care What Anyone Says: ITS STILL SUMMER!

Early morning walks, bright, sunny and still cool
I don't care what anyone says: its still summer!

I don't care that our older kids (three of them now) are starting at Chelsea academy next week. I don't care that the "kids" of some friends are leaving for college this weekend. I don't care that its almost time for football's regular season to begin.

I'm not ready yet.

The Montessori Center starting date is still a couple of weeks away, but things are already gearing up over there with unpacking for the new location, parent conferences, and planning. Mrs. Janaro is plenty busy these days.

But we've had fun this summer. Although we didn't make any trips, we've had several visitors. We've also had some time to hang around as a family. With John Paul turning 16, it may be the last summer in which all the kids are still kids. John Paul and Agnese can still be dragged down by their younger sisters to the level of participating in a five part whirling chase throughout the house. But Josefina is also old enough to stay up late so we can all watch a video together.

We had Agnese's Confirmation in June:

The Newly Confirmed with her parents and our beloved bishop
and"Someone-Else-Who-Wanted-to-be-in-the Picture-too"!

The Fourth of July:

A patriotic Teresa

And sparkler fun for John Paul too!

And everybody relaxing:

Ungarded moments....

Very laid back.

And Nationals baseball in August (they lost):

It looked closer in real life. Honestly....

But we still had lots of fun (annual baseball couple picture)

I'm not ready for summer to end. In any case, this blog will probably remain "lazy" through the end of this month. Still, I'm looking forward to the Fall, to the new John XXIII Center and my continuing role as "resident scholar and resource consultant," and also to the High School adventures of the teens, including girls' volleyball matches.

The melancholy cloud of mournful nostalgia that usually covers this time of year for me doesn't seem to be around. I don't mind so much that "school is starting but I am not teaching." That's not to say I wouldn't love to be teaching, if I had the strength for it.

I do have the strength for the matters at hand, for what is given to me now. And I'm open to surprises.