Friday, November 29, 2013

Scenes From the Janaro's Thanksgiving Table

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving day, with much to be grateful for. I put together a photo album with a few highlights and (mostly) brief identifying comments. I thought it would be worth sharing here too.

This is primarily a display of the outstanding artwork of the incredible Mrs. Eileen Janaro, assisted by her apprentices. And it gives us the latest look at the children (and young people) of the family.

First, we have the place setting:

And here's the "star of the show," right out of the oven:

Josefina is thankful:

Mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes:

One of the plates of turkey, creatively garnished with an onion:

Cranberry sauce (get this) made from REAL fresh Cranberries! Oh my, this was good! Some people don't even know what actual Cranberries look like. They think they're can-shaped, hahaha:

And the wine. A white wine made from grapes picked on the first full moon after the Autumn equinox, pressed before dawn the next day (very important) and then aged in three different kinds of casks, the first made from the wood of the Black Forest, the second from the great Ash trees of the Siberian tundra, and the third a coral cask fashioned from shellfish from off the coast of Patagonia. It's fresh and woody, with a hint of apricots and Burgundian winter grass. Bottled with the most technologically advanced, "naturale" twist top designed to be removed by hand! (okay, haha, that's enough... you know I'm joking, except for the twist top, which is cleverly hidden in this photo...) Here it is:

Now let's see some growing kids! John Paul and Lucia Janaro:

Left to right, Agnese Janaro (who will turn 15 in a few weeks), "Uncle Walter," and John Paul:

Agnese! It is very difficult to photograph this young lady, who usually dashes away from cameras. This was a lucky shot!

Josefina and Teresa (who will turn 11 next week). Teresa is hamming it up: "Let's EAT!"

Jojo has no intention of being outdone in the "hammy" department. Teresa looks like she's thinking, "O boy!"

Okay, so we ate! A full plate of goodies (also string beans and mushrooms):

Then, after a break (obviously), came the freshly baked pies, pumpkin, apple, and pecan. Truly Eileen Janaro is amazing. She did not want her own picture taken on this occasion. So we must admire her beauty through her work:

Top it off with freshly whipped cream:

What a splendid feast, a lot of which is still left over. But with our bunch, leftovers disappear pretty fast.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!