Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White... Advent?

Casa Janaro: Only in Virginia do they close schools for this bit of powdered sugar.
So we had some snow! It wasn't that much, but one of the nice things about living in "the south" is that the schools were closed anyway. The kids like that and Eileen likes it especially.

We had two snow days, which meant that everyone was home and everyone had at least some fun in the snow. There were bundled children and snowmen and hot cocoa and all that good stuff. We have a child young enough to still find the whole thing magical, and older kids who have fun helping her, and kids in between who can do fun and interesting things on their own.

Yesterday was a sunny day and not too cold. Our front yard looked like a picture on a postcard (indeed, our lawn looks best when it's covered by snow, haha). When Josefina woke up, she could hardly wait to go play. She got herself prepared with lots of warm clothing:

She says, "I'm smiling but it's behind that!"

I think this outfit was mostly for dramatic effect. She took off the face wrap when it came time to get down to business outside. With the help of eldest sister, Josefina built what Agnese described as "a hobbit hole." (Of course, hobbits are on everyone's mind these days!) I would think that a hobbit hole would be more roomy, but this one was only big enough for one hobbit:

Once upon a time, in a hole, there lived a hobbit!

She had fun with her big sister, who gave her help (and maybe even the idea).

Meanwhile, Teresa came in at one point and asked me if she could have eight almonds. I know she likes almonds, and I'm happy to share them, but this was an unusually precise request. When I went out a little later, I found out why:

It's a Snow... uh... Person! After it melts, it will be a healthy snack.

Well, we certainly had fun. Snow is very entertaining and stunningly beautiful... once or twice a year. I've had my fill for the year, and now I'm ready for 60 degrees in the day and an early Spring!

The problem is that Winter hasn't even started.

That's okay, because everyone else around here disagrees with me anyway.