Monday, January 20, 2014

The Snowstorm Has My Official Permission

We've had a couple of good snowfalls this season, and I've taken more than enough pictures of the magical stuff. Snow. How cozy.

Okay, I've had enough. Can we have Spring now?

Eh, it's only January 20.

Jan. U. Ary. Goes on and on and on and on.

Finally, it comes to an end, only to be succeeded by... February!

There's the useless nonsense with the groundhog. Did he see his shadow, or not, or did he see dancing pigs with wings? It doesn't matter. It always means the same thing: SIX. MORE. WEEK. Of Winter.

But never mind that. Right now it's still January. And another blizzard is coming our way. "Winter Storm Henrietta" or something like that? More snow. The novelty has definitely worn off.

Still, it's not likely to heed my objections. So it's best to look on the bright side.

Snow is pretty. Snow is fun for children. Snow gets on the walkways and driveway, but now I have a big strong young man in my house who can shovel it (as long as we let him consume half the refrigerator).

Snow gives us all a chance to spend time together. No homework. No teacher prepping. The white wet deluge pours out of the sky and swirls in the wind, while we stuff a towel at the foot of the door to bolster the insulation so we can stay dry, warm, and comfy inside. We drink cocoa and watch classic episodes of I Love Lucy

Then when the storm is over, the kids go out and later the bathroom fills up with wet winter coats. It's a happy time.

So, okay, I guess I approve. As long as we don't lose (a) the internet; (b) electric power; (c) cable; or (d) food and water. In that order. Winter Storm, you may proceed: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!