Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Make Us Vessels of Your Mercy

Lord, give us peace in our hearts. Give us peace in our families. Give us the grace to build one another up in love, and bring this love to the world.

Jesus, give us the grace to be instruments of your infinite mercy, which is the answer to every person's need, in every situation.

Open our hearts that we might hear your call to us in every moment: to be living vessels of your mercy. 

Give us the desire to live the mystery of your mercy, which is the measure of every moment we live, every action, every encounter with every person.

By your Holy Spirit, fill us with gratitude for the glory of the Father's infinite mercy and love.

We want to love him, to be instruments of his mercy, to radiate his love to others. Of course we fall short and fail in all of this every day, but we keep getting up, we keep begging for His grace to grow in us, we do not become "satisfied" with anything less, and we do not give up.