Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Silence of this Night

William Congdon, Crucifixion series
God is good, and we must turn to Him always with grateful hearts, even when things seem very dark, when we are afflicted, when we can't see the way forward or don't feel like we're getting anywhere, when we search and cry out to Him and we still can't grasp "why?" Jesus loves us with a patience and a tenderness that is attuned to all of our frailty.

Jesus understands and loves us. He understands being human.

We must never be discouraged by our complicated selves, and our struggles and weakness in the face of sacrifices that God calls us to make. These things are hard. He knows that.

And we must never measure ourselves by what other people say or insinuate or might be thinking. We must not be discouraged because we think that something that appears easy for others is a difficulty for us. God knows our hearts, and is teaching each of us to love in that unique way that corresponds to our destiny as particular persons.

Therefore, I must be quite certain that He loves me, and that He will enable me to live fully whatever circumstances I face, whatever burden I must bear. The way that I am called to live and suffer, however, is His way, and not my way. Thus I sometimes won't understand what He is doing in my life, and even when I cry out to Him, I may not always find consolation.

In the silence of this night He works most deeply in us. We must surrender ourselves to Him and trust in Him.


Fred Kaffenberger said...

An embrace to you, John! Lord let your face shine upon us!

Anonymous said...

John, Thank you...I am going through some painful times myself and this was a source of consolation for me! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Since it's the feast of the apostle Thomas today, your words made me think how we've cared, ourselves, what "people think" of the doubting Thomas. No doubt, that he's a doubter. Hah! And somewhere today someone reminded us that in his "My Lord and my God," he is, as well, the first apostle to address Jesus as God. (That's right, isn't it?)

Mary Bonifield

John Janaro said...

Thank you. To you and your family as well.

John Janaro said...

God bless you too!

John Janaro said...

I think so, at least verbally. I still say those words silently when the Host and Chalice are elevated. That's what I was taught as a child. Makes sense, especially because we "do not see" but we believe. Happy Feast Day!

Lauren Gulde said...

Beautiful words once again. Thank you for sharing your mind and heart with us!

John Janaro said...

Thanks Lauren. I am grateful to give what I can. We all have gifts to give, to help one another. And God is faithful to these gifts, and He opens up ways for us to use them that may surprise us. Even in the midst of great difficulties, God will work through our gifts and use them to build up the good wherever we are.