Friday, August 29, 2014

Josefina's Cooking Show

I've been meaning to post this recent clip of Josefina chopping vegetables and playing the part of a television chef. She loves watching cooking shows on PBS Create, and she has a knack for learning things quickly.

Eileen just put the music on for fun, and then I got the camera going and this cute snippet developed spontaneously. This should bring a smile or two on an evening when many of us may need it. So, here's the show that she herself (at 0:17) calls Josefina's American Kitchen Table:


Haus Frau said...

She slices very fact, she does a much better job than I do. Clearly I need to quit buying the prepackaged presliced frozen vegetables and take some lessons from "Josefina's American Kitchen Table." ;)

Margaret in Virginia said...

That girl has amazing skills with the knife. I love her commentary, and the dancing while chopping!