Sunday, January 11, 2015



Jesus has grasped us,
and made us his own.
He has raised us up
into the glory of his torrential out-pouring of himself,
his self-emptying, his giving-away-everything.
his drawing-all-things into the immense space
of his opened heart.

And we awaken from our paralysis,
and find that we are whole and free.
We are washed by him
washed and made clean in the roaring oceans
and the mighty winds of his life-giving Spirit;
so that we too might give everything,
become ourselves gift
live forever, given within the Infinite Gift
who is Love Eternal.

He has made us to live beyond our walls,
to live in the everlasting
of Love’s gift.
and to begin
even now
on this present earth
to taste and see,
to give and share,
in this Love,
the wonder, the beauty, and the ecstasy of his healing embrace,
which lifts up the fallen,
comforts the afflicted,
satisfies the hungry,
and shines in hidden places,
small, humble places,

glory among the outcasts.