Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Asking For God's "Help"

You're probably wondering what Josefina's gripping hand has to do with God's help, or the scribes and Pharisees or anything else that the post below might address.

First, let me clarify that this is a reflection posted a week ago in Magnificat.

This is not the "Great Conversion Story" for the month (which I'll reproduce on the blog next month, since it's "St. Patrick") but rather a daily reflection, which I also have in the magazine from time to time.

Many people seemed to appreciate it when it came up last week, so I thought I would reproduce it here. If you read all the way through, the graphic might reveal its meaning. (Even though Jojo is older than the child indicated, she is not above throwing a tantrum... and she is certainly looked upon with love.)


Laura said...

I really loved reading that meditation earlier this month. Thank you for it!

Amanda Rose said...

I especially like the part, "...He knows every line of every finger. He wants to uncurl those stubborn little fingers and hold your hand." Thanks for that reminder. I needed it.

Judy Mate' said...

This meditation in Magnificat led me to your blog, John. Nice to see photos of you and your family and get a bigger perspective on your w/w/w, who, what where. I love Magnificat! Am thankful for your contribution, as well as so many others we get to read.
If I were to make a "meme", it would be a reproduction of Salvador Dali's "Last Supper", with Jesus plainly saying to everyone: "Come to the full table of the Lord: the Word and the Bread, and eat for eternal life!". This would, I believe, speak to fallen-away Catholics as well as those who're going to mass because they "have to", and not because the get to, to be fed! I write as a Catholic revert, 82 yrs. old, who was away from the church for many years and returned six years ago, with joy in my heart, and a hunger and thirst for the Eucharist. Keep on, keeping on, John! Judy Mate'