Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Spring Evening in Pictures

Most of these pictures have been posted already on the social media circuit. I have been able to get out a little, do some walking, and try to take pictures around the neighborhood.

I'm not feeling well lately, and the small strength of the day is easily spent. It's frustrating, but I've written enough about this problem-which-isn't-going-away. It is a long road that has to be taken up again and again, trusting in Jesus day after day, hour after hour. Often failing, and beginning again. Praying and begging to keep going all the way to the end.

Meanwhile there are many beautiful things to see in these days and I am grateful for that.

Happy Creek road in the evening, with young green all over the trees.
Maple with "baby" leaves.

Blooming dogwood...

...on this neighborhood tree.
White dogwood too...
...everywhere, it seems.
Cratered, crescent moon.
Gray and yellow, orange and red, blue and green -- all the colors that paint the canvas of the sunset.


Jeannie Ewing said...

John, we have a medically fragile daughter who was born with a rare craniofacial condition. Nature so often seems to offer that sense of grounding that I need when I am enshrouded in the daily struggle, mystery, and uncertainties of her diagnosis. God blesses me on my daily walks with images very similar to what you have been posting. What a gift that you are sharing these reflections of His love on your social media profiles and blog. Thank you!

John Janaro said...

Thank you, Jeannie. I know you have great suffering. Your little girl is loved by Jesus in a very special way that makes her, truly, more beautiful than all of nature's glory. The struggles are hard, and mysterious but we know that in everything God is good and that His love is being revealed in us. Don't be afraid to cry out to Him when it is hard. He loves us and works deeper strength in our hearts when we feel weakest. God bless you!