Monday, June 15, 2015

When We Feel that God is Far Away

"More than in other dimensions of our existence
it is in prayer that we experience
our weakness and our poverty,
being creatures before the omnipotence of God....
When we feel that God is far away,
that we do not have words
to communicate with Him,
this absence of words
and the desire
to enter into communication with God
is prayer,
which through the Holy Spirit
becomes a real contact with Him."
--Benedict XVI, General Audience, May 16, 2012

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Jeannie Ewing said...

John, I have been experiencing more and more this poverty of spirit. I just completed reading your book, and the chapter that most resonated with me was "A Sack of Potatoes Needs You." I related to it personally, but I also stepped outside of my own undiagnosed fatigue/exhaustion and read it in a more universal sense. The wisdom in that short chapter said so much about how people who are suffering simply need us to be with them. In a very literal sense, I feel God is calling me to some sort of apostolate of walking with people in their journey of suffering. Your chapter really put that in perspective. Thank you for your beautiful writings!