Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer "Stay-cation" at the Pool

The closest thing to a "vacation" for the Janaros this summer is this local pool/camping area that we were able to join (no, we're not going camping). There are two pools, and on many afternoons they look like this (above) when we arrive!

The problem is that, on many days this summer, the sky has looked like this!!!

The sky started out looking bright here, but eventually the clouds rolled in. Still, it gave us several hours of good pool weather.

  Josefina had fun making faces. Then she smiled.

I had a good time at the pool too. Here are Jojo and I drying off, looking like monks or desert nomads with our "towel-heads."

We were done and on our way home by the time the rain came. There you see it falling in what looks like fog on the hills.