Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Show Us Your Beautiful Face

Breathe forth your Spirit into me,
Lord Jesus,
from your body broken into the gift of the Father's love.

Have mercy on me and on the whole world.
Let me feel in my heart the Father's love for the world,
and be united in my own human frailty and suffering
with the struggle and the seeking
of the whole multitude of human hearts
crafted in your Image.

Jesus, you love every single human person,
without exception,
especially those who are the most lonely,
the most troubled and confused,
the most burdened with affliction.
You love those who do not know you,
but whose hearts have been made for you.

I feel the burdens and sorrows
of my brothers and sisters
in my own loneliness and troubles,
in my own confusion and restlessness,
in my affliction of not loving you enough.

Jesus, deepen my love for you today.
Draw my heart,
and every human heart,
closer to you.
O Great Lover, win our hearts,
conquer our fears,
show us your beautiful Face.