Monday, February 15, 2016

Mercy and the Odd Ways that Books Get Written

If you're still looking for some good resources for living this extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, it's not too late to get a copy of this very fine Year of Mercy Companion.

This is a special Magnificat publication of readings, prayers, and devotions that are worth holding onto even after the year is over.

Click HERE to learn more. Paper copies are still available, as well as ebooks in your favorite format.

A team of excellent writers and editors worked very hard to put this beautiful collection together. Since I only contributed a few entries to its 448 pages, I am saying this in recognition of the work of many others.

I am reproducing below one of my entries that appeared on February 11. It's hard to believe that it's been six years since my book Never Give Up: My Life and God's Mercy was published by Servant and Franciscan Media (the BOOK is still very timely and worth reading, and it is still in print and ebook - click HERE to get a copy for yourself or someone you care about).

I'm glad I had wonderful editors for the book who corrected my funky sentences (like that last one).

The Never Give Up book and its ongoing "sequel," the Never Give Up blog, are projects that were never on my bucket list. They were and remain surprising and fruitful things in my own life and, I've been told, in the lives of others.

Here's my reflection on how it all came about:


Emily C. Hurt said...

I was so happy when I got the Magnificat Lenten Companion and saw that 3 of the reflections were written by you! :-)

Lisa said...

HI John. I have read your book and have gone back to it on several accounts in dealing with my own personal journey of suffering and loss due to my health challenges which are now chronic. I am a practicing Catholic and would like to believe strong in my faith, but it sure has been challenged A LOT over the past 5 years. I love your transparency which is spoken from your suffering yet faith-filled heart. I enjoy your blog as well and have been following you. I finally just this year decided to enter the "blogger's world" and am writing about my own personal journey. I find that writing helps me process my life circumstances and I hope I can offer encouragement and HOPE to others who are in the middle of their own messes----which we all are! I don't often comment but I did want you to know that you are reaching others. I also read the Magnifcat and love it. I enjoy seeing your articles in there. I am sorry for your health challenges and all the suffering that it brings, but God is gifting you with the grace and strength to write and share your faith with those around you. It also seems like you are blessed with a beautiful family! I am as well, thanks be to God. I wil pray for your healing.

Anonymous said...

I too have enjoyed your contributions to "Magnificat". I write as an 83 yr. woman who lives alone with a heart of gratitude. Being grateful keeps me from dwelling on what I call "the stink of self". I love being Catholic: being fed daily, if we choose, the Word and the Bread of heaven. Have you read Mother Theresa's autobiography? When I read it, I was shocked that this fireball of holiness spent most of her life of ministry in a spiritual darkness. She kept on, one day at a time. Living one day at a time is what people in 12 Step programs do, with total reliance on God. I've walked this walk for over 46 years of sobriety. May God bless you, as you write from your magnificent mind, with His grace!