Monday, March 28, 2016

The Risen Christ Gives Us Strength

"Life has conquered death.
Mercy and love have triumphed over sin.
One needs faith and hope to open to this wondrous new horizon.
And we know that faith and hope are God’s gift,
and we have to ask for it:
'Lord, give me faith. Lord give me hope. We need it so much!' ...
If Christ is risen, we can look with renewed eyes and hearts
on each event in our lives, even the most negative.
The moments of darkness, failure and even sin
can be transformed and herald a new path forward.
When we have reached the bottom of our misery and weakness,
the risen Christ gives us the strength to rise again.
If we entrust ourselves to Him, His grace saves us.
The crucified and risen Lord is the full revelation of mercy,
present and at work in history."

~Pope Francis, Easter Monday Regina Coeli Message

[Above: mosaic of Jesus rescuing Adam and Eve from death, by Marko Rupnik]