Friday, June 24, 2016

Twenty Years Together

Eileen and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary on June 22. We had a lovely but pretty laid back day, which was just fine with both of us.

Honestly, it doesn't "seem like only yesterday." A lot of life has been lived. We have lots of memories. Yet, in contrast to many of our friends, it seems like we are still "early in the game." We have a kid in college, we have teenagers, and we have a... well, we have a Josefina (who is always "outside the box").

People my age often have in-laws and grandchildren and other adventures with their twenty-something- (or even thirty-something-) aged kids. These are experiences I still cannot even imagine.

God willing, we have plenty to look forward to in the future, and then also maybe (if time and health permit) we can visit Rome again as happy old folks and feel the Mediterranean sun on a beach while we eat linguine with fresh clams.

I thought that, in honor of our twentieth, I would revisit the photography of the years and give you a few peeks. This time, I am posting (as much as possible) pictures of just me and Eileen without the kids. Since Eileen is not a person who relishes being in pictures, it's not easy to find photos of just the two of us, but I have done my best.

What follows is a nice little photo album. I'm sure my own parents (who actually read this blog) will enjoy seeing these.

Wedding picture, June 22, 1996.
Wedding reception, June 22, 1996.
Sometime in 1996, early on.
Skipping ahead to around 2000. We're in Northern California where Eileen's folks live.
This is the summer of 2001. Again at Eileen's parents' house, at that time in the Bay Area. Always loved these visits.
The early 00's, when it was no longer possible to have pictures without kids, but while I was still clean shaven.
January 2004. Eileen is holding Teresa, who is about 13 months old.
June 22, 2004, our eighth wedding anniversary.
Spring 2005 (John Paul's first communion) and Fall 2005 (with Agnese).
Christmas 2005. This was one of the pictures that did not go out with Christmas cards that year. We're both laughing!
June 2007, at the parish picnic. A lot has happened since the previous picture. Josefina was born and back home after
her seven month odyssey in the hospital. My health is about to collapse, and Eileen will continue with great courage.
Easter 2008, during a difficult year. We decided that I should "retire" and Eileen would then begin the certification (and Masters degree) in Montessori Education that undergirds her present career. Here we didn't know how things would work out.
Christmas 2010. Eileen is teaching and all five kids are in the program. Somehow, I managed to write a book.
Summer 2011. Eileen has finished the work for her M.Ed. I've been writing a "blog" for several months.
Easter 2012.
2012 or 2013? At a Nats game. John Paul is with us too. He's taking the picture.
Christmas season/early 2013.
Christmas time 2014/2015.
Six months ago, at Christmas. I had to wear a summer jacket because it was so warm.
Easter 2016
We're hoping to do some more fun things this summer, so maybe we can get an updated picture soon.

Eileen Janaro, you are beautiful. Thank you for these past twenty precious years. I will always love you!