Tuesday, July 19, 2016

VIDEO: "Deep Topics" Episode 1

Here is a short video which I have titled "Deep Topics," but if you look at who is peeking over my shoulder, you can guess that laughs are in store.


Amanda Rose said...

Two things:
1) You need to add some echo effect for the "Deep topics" title so it reverberates with the proper grandeur.

2) All I could think about was how bad your neck/shoulder/back must hurt with that LARGE child attacking you. Tell her she must shrink down. But a heavy book of great litr-ah-tour on her head and you will not only stunt her growth, but also infuse her mind with the wisdom of the ages.

Oh...#3....thanks for a laugh!

John Janaro said...

Haha, thanks Amanda. Jojo is actually very light, so she's okay on my back and sometimes even helps it feel better. ;)