Thursday, October 20, 2016

Autumn Adventures

This is a good time to take a break from the serious stuff and mark a few more ordinary events from this October.

First of all, Autumn leaves... as in the lack of them! Until recently we didn't have much color. The trees were starting to look like old broccoli rather than a "second Spring."

Ironically, some color finally started coming out this past week, in the midst of a heat wave that brought daytime temperatures of 85F.

Sunsets have left in their wake some colorful hues on the Blue Ridge at twilight.

The October "Hunter's Moon" was large and very bright. Unfortunately I missed that perfect moment for taking a picture of it: the moon rises right around sunset and there is only a short period when the sky is bright enough to allow my primitive gear (and primitive ability) to get a vivid picture. So I had to settle for a fuzzy overexposed picture that at least captures something of the dusky atmosphere.

Meanwhile, October has also been about baseball for the Janaros. We went to the last game of the Washington Nationals' terrific season, a rollicking 10-7 victory over the Marlins. Our seats were a bit high, but--going into the playoffs--our hopes were also high.

Eileen and I went with John Paul and a couple of his friends... and someone else who decided to come along (mostly because she wanted to "be with Mommy").

*So we had fun at the game.

But, alas, in the National League Division Series against the Dodgers, our Nats fell short. At one point they led the series two games to one, but they couldn't pull off the decisive victory.

We watched with John Paul on T.V. as the Nationals lost game five by the score of 4-3. Another disappointing ending. Another Nationals heartbreak!

Wait till next year!