Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Matchbreaker: Christina Grimmie's First and Last Movie

We watched The Matchbreaker the other night. I didn't really expect much from this indie film. The trailers seemed a bit awkward to me. But I knew it could not possibly disappoint me. Christina Grimmie sings and walks around and breathes in this movie. That alone makes it worth watching.

In fact, The Matchbreaker is actually a cute, entertaining romantic comedy. It is, of course, Christina Grimmie's only movie, filmed last year. Though she didn't live to see the big screen premiere and limited theatrical run this Fall, she did get to see the final cut some weeks prior to her murder at the hands of a deranged gunman after her concert in Orlando, Florida on June 10, 2016.

The movie has various light-hearted endearing facets so that you can enjoy it without being entirely heartbroken anew over the tremendous loss of this magnificent young woman (even if, like us, you wouldn't have even heard of the movie, much less watched it, if it weren't for her). She sings parts of four classic-style jazz songs flawlessly and gently (and sings the full songs on the soundtrack). She also plays her role very well, but the goofy antics of Wesley Elder's character and some of the supporting roles draw more attention and are on the whole a nice surprise.

The Matchbreaker is just a light comedy that doesn't try to be anything more. Still, it's Christina Grimmie and if you love her you will feel heartbroken when you watch it, but not entirely heartbroken. You will laugh, and be grateful for yet another precious gift from her, another part of her cherished legacy.

Christina is not the center of this movie. She shines the spotlight on others here... but of course, that's what she always did. That, ultimately, is what made her so great: she always shined her light outward, beyond herself.