Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Woodpecker VIDEO and Other Fun Scenes from January

I'm rounding off January 2017 with some of the month's most interesting pictures...along with a special fun treat. From my place in the Valley, it was warmer than usual with very little snow at all, though there was a fair bit of clouds and wet, rainy weather.

Last week, this pileated woodpecker was knocking its way through the neighborhood. This was some big bird! Not a particularly patient photographic subject, but I got a few good ones:

😊😏 That's the thing with digital cameras: I took dozens of pictures while this bird jumped around and peck peck pecked. Most of them were blurs, but with enough chances one is bound to get lucky. 😉

Another advantage of digital cameras it the chance to switch over to video. Why not put the woodpecker on YouTube? I have to post something every once in a while:

Almost could be a nature show if I added some music and the omniscient narrator with a British accent. ♫♬♬♫♪ "Heere... the North American woood-peckah pursues its prey... with rrrelentlesss tenacity!" ♫♬♬♫♪♫♬♬♫♪

Here are some other pictures that capture some of the more striking moments of earth, air, and sky in the local atmosphere of the month:

Winter sunlight on the bare trees.

Happy Creek plays with the afternoon light.

Strips of sunlight and clouds in the afternoon dusk.