Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How Are You, JJ?

The cartoon version.
So, how's it going, JJ?

I'm hanging in there. Slowing down (which is always hard for me to do). Reducing screen time because, really, the LED light bothers me. Soft light is better, natural light, of course, is best.

Reading old fashioned books. For whatever reason, I'm on a "monarchy" kick. I just finished a lengthy biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine, the amazing 12th century lady whose influence spread all across Europe.

Since Lucia is presently living in a house built from the stones of one of her ruined castles, I thought it would be fun to get better acquainted with Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, sometime Queen of France, sometime Queen of England, mother of four kings.

What did I learn? Basically, that human beings really haven't changed all that much.

I'm also reading a large biography of the present Queen of England (got hooked by Netflix's excellent series, The Crown). And then, of course, reviewing my favorite dynasty: the ardently Catholic, often wacky, sometimes daft, sometimes heroic, occasionally holy (at least once), and always ingenious Habsburgs.

Sometimes I just don't have the energy to concentrate. But there's always music. I'm very grateful for music.

Perhaps I can rework some topic blog posts from the past and post them in the coming days. 😊