Monday, April 27, 2020

Happy at the Creek

When the sun came out in the afternoon, I went to one of my favorite spots on "Happy Creek." It's only a short walk from home, but for me it's an "outing" to come here. 

I always loved the water: oceans, lakes, rivers, boats and fishing... 

Long ago I learned that life is a beautiful gift, and that "restrictions on movement" don't have to diminish the joy of being a person or the sense of gratitude for the wonder of existing. 

In the years since my illness, I have not been able to do many of the things I loved to do on the water, and I'm rarely able to travel. It's not easy: I long for the ocean; I miss my boat; I remember the excitement of exploration, taking risks, going further out than others, finding amazing new vistas, having many adventures... I miss all that, sometimes. But I still have adventures! I have my "happy" creek full of wonders, and I see its bright jewels and hear its secret whispers in new ways.