Monday, June 8, 2020

A Shining Star Passed Through Our Skies


Well, sure. One of them is that I did NOT go to a particular concert in Washington D.C. on June 8, 2016.

Christina Grimmie performed at the Rock n Roll Hotel on H Street (which just shut down for good a few months ago). Really, it was not that far away from us, nor too hard to get to. I'm so sorry I missed it. 

All the video clips I have seen from this final tour indicate that Christina was taking her voice to a whole new level. She was ON FIRE!🔥 A phenomenal artist at 22 years old, so full of music, and still growing, always stretching her limits.🎵 She passed so close to here, just two nights before she was taken from this life. 

On Wednesday June 10, Team Grimmie all around the world will honor her memory once again and celebrate her legacy. Tonight I mourn for a personal reason, and as a musician and lover of music, that four years ago she sang out her heart and soul at a club in Washington D.C. and I WASN'T THERE.😕😓 

Dear Christina, how I would have loved to have seen and heard you in a live performance.💚🎶