Saturday, August 15, 2020

"You Are Worth SO Much More"

This is a "verbal hug" from Christina Grimmie. She posted this on her Facebook page eight years ago.💚 

The words, and the love behind them, are still on her page, offered to anyone who needs them.

Christina proved, again and again, and with her whole life, that when she said "anyone" she really meant ANYONE - the particular person in need, the person reading this post, or seeing her videos, but especially the person in front of her in the particular moment.

She always had sincere words, posts, jokes, songs, or hugs - whatever she could give in the circumstances - for persons who needed to be welcomed, to experience their value, to know that they were loved. That's part of the reason why she still speaks so powerfully even today.

She still "reaches" people, with love.💚