Saturday, July 17, 2021

The New "Papa" and His Granddaughter

Here's "Papa" snuggling his little baby granddaughter Maria a week after her birth. She is even cuter than I expected her to be. She's certainly keeping her parents busy.

She has a sweet little voice, I think, but of course whenever she cries, her parents spring into concerned action. Ah, the first baby is such a wild crazy roller coaster ride. Mommy and Daddy are doing great ... exhausted, of course, but they have the rapidly renewed energy of their own youth, as well as plenty of helping hands nearby. 

At this point, however, grandfathers don't serve much "practical" purpose. Mostly, they just marvel at these new lives that are beginning their journey in this world. Grandfathers are full of tenderness and amazement.

What a mysterious and awesome thing it is to be human! What a gift it is to belong to the human family, to be entrusted to one another across the generations.