Saturday, June 18, 2022

My Parents in “Living Color” on Their Wedding Day

*In a previous post I was speaking of the history that falls within the scope of my memory. Well, just to go back a bit further: 62 years ago today, June 18th, this glamorous couple got married. 

I don’t remember this event, but I wouldn’t even be here without it.🙂 Dad was 25 and Mom was 21. Mom was just a bit younger than our Lucia who gets married in three weeks.

Now my parents are both together again with God. We remember them with love, we miss them, we remain close to them in prayer, and we look forward in hope to a happy reunion with them when our own labors in this life our done. 

Oh… and BY THE WAY, I worked with a digital color filter and some “touching up” to enliven this originally black-and-white photograph. It’s far from perfect but these tools keep improving. It’s fascinating even to get a “hint” of color from that day…📸⭐️