Tuesday, March 12, 2024

The 30th Birthday of Christina Grimmie

Today marks what would have been the 30th Birthday of Christina Grimmie. 
In the 22-years-and-three-months of her brief bright beautiful life that she was given on this earth, she showed us so much: about talent and hard work, success and humility, devotion to her family, using media technology to make something beautiful, opening her heart to people in need, being vulnerable and authentic, and persevering in her vocation all the way to the end. Even with her great musical gifts, Christina was a "regular" young person who made others feel "welcomed" and free in her presence. Moreover, other people felt valued by her receptivity to their love and the gratitude she always expressed. She saw the beauty and goodness and the positive-value in everything, and her faith, passion for life, and love continue to shine on. Ultimately, Christina's life attained a kind of heroism that can be for young people and older people alike a constant inspiration. She inspires us to risk giving ourselves in love in our own days of living — all the way up to the day, the hour, the moment of our dying.💚

Happy Birthday Christina Grimmie! Remembering you always with love!