Monday, May 27, 2024

“Portrait of the Professor as an ‘Older’ Man…”

In grappling with chronic health problems over the past two decades, I haven’t had much of a chance to notice that I really am “getting old” (I’m not there yet, but I’m getting there). Occasionally the visage in the mirror does strike me with the details I have listed in my brief “limerick” above.

But what really brings it home to me are some of these old social media memories that the internet serves up unexpectedly. Thus I was reminded of these pictures of “the kids” that I posted on Facebook on May 26, 2009 — which was 15 years ago:

So much time has passed, so many events have taken place, so much life has been lived since I posted these pictures. There is a whole “level” of memories in the history of my journey in this world that builds up from those days to the present. There have been some sorrows, many joys, and the ultimate gift of it all.

These days, “the kids” in our lives (I mean the little ones) are the grand-kids, the new human persons beyond the horizon of our imagination—impossible to “assume” in their concrete, unique realities—back in 2009.

It’s remarkable to think that Maria, today, is already older than her Aunt Josefina was in the picture above. Here she is recently hamming it up with her “Papa.”

Then there is the already-six-month-old Anna Rose, who usually has lots of wide-eyed smiles for her Papa and Nana. Not always, of course. I wanted an updated Papa and Anna picture, but Anna was being fussy here. Usually I can get her to smile, but I think she had more important things on her mind (like milk, or maybe she was just tired and wanted her Mommy).

But Anna was a good sport. Even with her sad face, she still tried. Anna is cute even with her sad face: