Friday, April 26, 2013

Asking For My Love

How do I treat the people who are closest to me in my life every day?

There is plenty of material right here for an examination of conscience: one that brings humility, and sorrow, and a memory that commits me again to the vocation of love and the work that it requires.

If I were alone in my own being, however, it would be a fruitless commitment. I would despair of ever being able to find the bridge between my limited self and the lives of other limited persons. My solitude would be an impenetrable shell.

But I am not alone. Jesus is present, and He is at work drawing me beyond myself by the power of His Spirit.

I fail again and again. But Jesus is present. Jesus has conquered my weakness. I must never be discouraged. I must keep going to Him, seeking Him, asking for Him, letting Him build me up through the instruments of His grace, and learning more and more to recognize Him in other persons, in every circumstance.

He is here, asking for my love.

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Anonymous said...

You made me think, again, that maybe I don't love because I am refusing His love, can't accept it, believe in it, trust it. His love is prior to ours, as you remind us.

I end up, and more especially now during a most challenging time of my life,revolting against life -- or at least it feels that way. And then I seem unable to pray a single decent prayer or utter a word of praise or be anything but all around ornery and good for nothing. But, in all times, no matter how dark, no matter how afflicted we are, "I can kind love both give and get" as Hopkins says in the first of his "terrible" sonnets (To seem the stranger lies my lot). And grace comes in the strangest ways: one word yesterday by an old man (and he was just making a commonplace observation, it would seem, but it was more than that) saved the day!