Monday, February 10, 2014

Is There Such a Thing As "Attention Excess"?

When I read, I read. What fire?
I have a pathological attention span. When I read, I read. Food? Meh. Sleep? When my head hits the book, maybe. House on fire? Hmm, I thought it was getting warm in here. Coffee? Okay, I'll get some coffee. Bathroom? KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! "Daddy, hurry up!" Daddy's reading in there again. That's basically the routine.

Of course, the same thing can happen when I start writing (which is kinda cool in a way, except that it exhausts me, because writing is exhausting even when -- especially when -- I'm on a roll).

The Internet is different. It's an adventure in exploration in which I may find myself in a mental place that I had no intention of visiting. One time John Paul forgot to put a block of cheddar cheese back in the refrigerator. He and his mother proceeded to have an "animated discussion" about whether or not it was spoiled. I decided to settle the whole thing by googling it.

Over the next hour and a half I learned some fascinating things about cheeses (soft cheese spoils faster), how refrigeration works, different kinds of bacteria, the digestive system, yogurt, fruit, molds, diverse climates, and the Arabian desert.

Was the cheddar cheese spoiled? I don't remember.


Marie said...

lol...the story of my life these days! Why does that always happen? All that useless information just to find out that if the egg floats to the top, it's rotten.

Anonymous said...

love the illustrations

Mary B

John Janaro said...

Yes, I know how you feel. It helps me to have app called "Pocket" -- it lets me mark and download a link to a reader that I can access on mobile devices. Very often I can "pocket" something that looks interesting so that I can "read it later"... I have about two years worth of backlog, and 99% of it I will NEVER read. The other 1%, however, is worth reading. So there are tricks we can use, haha... :)

Anonymous said...

And then of course after thirty minutes of such diverse research and reading, this particular internet searcher sits back in her seat to remember what exactly the question was that she was researching in the first place!!!