Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pope Francis: THE VIDEO. You Have to Watch This!

In a recent meeting with the Pope, an evangelical friend used his iPhone to record the message linked below. He asked Pope Francis to say some words to a large Protestant gathering in the United States that was coming up (and has subsequently taken place).

Thus, with the help of a cell phone, a translator, and some basic editing software, Pope Francis addressed a huge conference of non-Catholic Christians last week. And now, thanks to YouTube, he can speak to the rest of us.

I could say so much about this video, but it's not necessary. Please, just watch it:

I am content to let Francis's moving words and expressive face communicate for themselves. This is a beautiful gift from the heart of the Pope.

The technology that made it possible is also a great gift from God that He has given to us through the creativity, ingenuity, intelligence, and hard work of created human persons -- His children.

The Pope has demonstrated how "New Media" technology is a gift from God. It can be means of giving ourselves in word and gesture and expression. Let us be grateful for this gift, and pray very much for the grace to use it well, according to the wisdom and love of God, within the context of our own vocations.