Saturday, December 20, 2014

"Josefina-in-a-Box" - THE MOVIE!

Yesterday we got Christmas package that came in a pretty small box. We unpacked the box and looked at the stuff. Soon after that, Josefina found her way into the box; some readers may have seen this picture yesterday on social media:

I thought it was really funny. But I didn't expect her to be quite so creative in playing with the box. She turned it into her "bedroom" and made herself comfortable. I could never be comfortable in a position like this, but little kids are flexible.

She fixed up the environment quite nicely, and pretended to be asleep:

Then she started trying to hide, read books, or just act goofy:

Taking advantage of the hammy atmosphere, I attempted to make a video. I turned out to be the bigger ham, but the video is still cute.

With that assurance, I bring you Josefina-in-a-Box: THE MOVIE! This is a "short" -- only about a minute, but it features a special guest appearance by James the Purple Unicorn. Lots of fun!