Saturday, December 6, 2014

Teresa Turns Twelve Today!

Since pictures are worth a thousand words each, I won't add too many here. Teresa is twelve years old today. Happy Birthday Teresa!

I got my first digital camera in the summer of 2003, so that is where our "life tour" must begin. Here she is in the crib, already showing her irrepressible personality. I used to sing to her "Teresa, Teresa, Teresa, Teresa, you're only the size of an extra large Pizza!" And so she was:

And here she is, curious as always, in the arms of her clean-shaven, forty year old father (ah, my lost youth...):

Now she's crawling and wearing Daddy's fishing hat. By this point, I had upgraded my camera:

Soon she's standing up (even in her high chair). You have to keep an eye on her to make sure she stays out of mischief:

And before you know it, she's starting to become a pretty little girl:

Here she is in 2005:

Soon, something big happens in Teresa's life. She becomes a big sister! Here she is with Josefina, when Jojo still had a nasal-gastric tube (Summer 2007):

Dressing up for her oldest sister's first communion (2007):

And she keeps growing and expressing her lively, enthusiastic, and sometimes wacky personality. This is in 2009:

And in 2011:

I've assembled these pictures because soon Teresa will be a teenager and I won't be able to get away with doing this (I'm not sure I'm gonna get away with it even now, haha). But I'm just so proud of her. She is maturing into a wonderful young person. She's so full of life and heart. She's our outdoor-lover, she's everyone's friend, she's generous, she's the karate kid, the soccer player, and so many other things.

She's a tree climber:

A popcorn eater:

A smiling face:

And a terrific Big Sister. She and Jojo are always hanging around together, often squabbling, sometimes driving their parents crazy, but also keeping us young:

Happy Birthday, Teresa! We love you so much!