Friday, January 15, 2016

How Can I Love People Truly?

Nothing in the world can satisfy the human heart. 

We stand before each other like open wounds, aching for the love of God. It is Jesus who brings us God, brings us healing, and brings us together.

Jesus, I bring to You my broken heart,
broken by the desire to love
and the confusion over how to love well and truly.
O Lord, forgive me.
I have not loved You as I should,
and I am self-seeking and divided in all my relationships.
How can I love people truly,
with the "detachment" that recognizes that they belong
to You alone,
and also with the passionate attention that recognizes
in each of them
the beauty of Your image and the glory of Your redeeming power?
Jesus, open my heart to receive Your healing mercy.
Change my heart, and make me silent, patient, and tender:
full of awe and wonder and gratitude
before Your gift of Yourself to me and to every person I meet.
I am so in need of healing.
I am so in need of conversion.
Have mercy on me,
and make me the person You will me to be.