Monday, January 25, 2016

The Snow Came Tumbling Down

Our mild winter was strangely interrupted by The Snow Monster, oras it has been variously calledSNOWZILLA, SNOWPOCALYPSE, SNOWMAGEDDON, etcetera, you get the idea.

On Thursday afternoon, it certainly didn't look like a blizzard was coming.

The Janaro Estate on the afternoon of January 21, 2016. Peaceful?
Nevertheless, I knew the snow was coming, not just because of the forecasts but also because I could feel the damp cold in my bones and joints.

Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! Winter arthritis kicking up.

By Friday afternoon the snow was pouring down. By Saturday morning it was a whiteout.

The snow let up a little in the afternoon, and the intrepid explorers ventured out.

Josefina couldn't wait to start digging her snow tunnels.

Teresa measured just over two feet of snow.

Sunday morning was cold, sunny, and blindingly bright. Over thirty inches of snow were on the ground.

Compare this to the same scene two days ago!
Reepicheep got to do some sunbathing.
School was off today (Monday). Our roads were plowed but there was still lots of work to do in more remote locations. Temperatures grew warmer and a few clouds moved in.

Teresa and Josefina showed me their snow cave.
The mix of clouds and light made for a spectacular dusk at the afternoon's end.
School is closed again tomorrow. This is turning into a Snow-cation for the kids. It's good having them all around, although I've had more than enough of wintery-winter.

I'm ready for the warm breezes of El Niño to return.