Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jesus, Savior, Be a "Jesus" to Me

"Breathe again, poor sinner, breathe again.
Despair not, hope in Him whom you fear.
Fly to Him, from whom you did flee away...
O Jesus, Jesus, for Your name's sake,
do unto me according to Your name!...
For what signifies 'Jesus' but Savior.
Therefore, O Jesus, for Your own sake
be a Jesus to me.
You who created me,
suffer me not to perish;
You who redeemed me, condemn me not;
You who made me by Your goodness,
suffer not to let me, the work of Your hands
perish by my own wickedness.

I pray You, most gracious Savior, let not my iniquity destroy
what Your almighty goodness has wrought.
Acknowledge in Your goodness what is Your own in me;
and what is not Your own, wipe off from me.
...Receive me into the broad bosom of Your mercy."

~Saint Anselm of Canterbury (c. 1033 - April 21, 1109)