Saturday, February 18, 2017

Here's a Conversion Story, Because Writing is Too Hard!

Clement of Alexandria was a pioneer Christian scholar in the third century

I have a lot of days where I would do anything to avoid actually writing!

I would like to say that the reason is because I need to allow my thought processes and my modes of expression to "mature" like fine wine in the deep cellars of my subconscious mind. That may be partially true, but mostly I have to admit that writing is hard.

Sometimes, I would rather walk on hot coals than write. And I'm supposed to be a "writer." Even writing on the blog is hard, and what I do so often here is just offer "pieces" of writing. But writing of any kind requires a lot of energy. It's like breaking rocks with your mind. Even if you're good at it, it's exhausting.


Since there may be a few people out there who are not already subscribers and faithful readers of MAGNIFICAT, I decided to escape from actual writing by presenting my Great Conversion Story for this month's issue (which appears on pp. 270-271, right before today's segment).

This month's witness comes from Clement of Alexandria, who in a certain sense was the forefather of the Catholic university as we know it today, with its confidence in both faith and reason.