Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hooray For February Baseball!

This is a crummy picture of the TV but, the point is, LOOK!




And, let the record show, the date is FEBRUARY 28TH: Hooray for February Baseball!!! The Nats won this game with a walk off homer by Michael A. Taylor. Of course, it's Spring Training in Florida, so it doesn't "count" for anything except fun and a good workout for the guys.

But still, it's that magic time of year when every team can dream and every kid can dream. Indeed, it makes me feel ten years old again. I love all sports, but baseball is the only one that is woven into my life in this visceral way. It makes my childhood present to me again, and more: it reminds me of my father and my grandfather, and my son.

So at the end of this February, I feel like a kid, with Spring on the way, another baseball season starting, and longer, brighter days ahead.

It's silly taking pictures of the television, but this is where it's happening: The boys in the dugout and wise old Dusty Baker.