Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More "Amazing" [😉] Pictures and Graphics

Those of you who are not linked to my social media accounts haven't seen some of these most recent fun and/or interesting photos and graphics I have posted there.

It's really a kind of visual therapy for me to take pictures and learn how to use different kinds of software for presentation and graphics. I think it's doing something to reroute those neuropathways in the brain that can lead to obsessions. Or, at least, it employs them and keeps them out of mischief.

That's my opinion or "hunch" that I present with zero scientific evidence. But, hey, now you can say that you "read it on the internet"! 😉

Anyway, here we go (with brief explanations as necessary...)

I call this Lenten Still Life 😉. Trappist beer and pious books!

Almost-full moon over Lake Frederick (my new phone cam here).

I have several Bible verse graphics. ShenValley sunset here.

St John the Baptist Church (blur & textured top/bottom to make pic a square).

St John's from the other side.

H. Reed Armstrong's original sculpture in Mary garden.

Bible graphics: Variations on a centered text (above, the winner).

I tried this verse in different hues: this version doesn't quite work.
Hmm... a bit "mustardy," dontcha think?
Not bad... but I went with the first one in this series.

Another verse, very basic setting. 

Green motif and "green leaves" - Kinda St Paddy's Day-ish?

The fire of God's love.