Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Big Storm... Was That It?

"Oh, the humanity!" -- well, not so much for us.

Yesterday, finally--a week before the first day of Spring--we had THE BIG STORM. Well, it was supposed to be, in any case. All the folks on The Weather Channel were running around with breathless excitement after spending most of the Winter in little towns in Minnesota. 😉

Some places got hit pretty well, indeed. What about us?

But, I'm sure everyone is wondering, "What about the forsythia bush that has been my pride and joy during this (early) spring?"

Oh my, oh my....

But during the day, some thaw set in and it rallied! 😊

These flowers are so tough. No wonder they can risk coming out at the first sign of Spring weather.

Finally, while I was out inspecting the property, I decided to wax philosophical in a spontaneous way, for less than 60 seconds and in just one "take." If I look pretty grim in this video, it's because I was freezing cold in nothing but a light sweater.

Still haven't learned to put a coat on, even after all these years. Sorry Mom and Dad! 😉