Saturday, July 29, 2017

Scenes from the Summer

Now that the rain has moved in and appears set to bring July to an unusual end, I'm just going to put a few miscellaneous photos from what has been a mostly hot month. Above, we see the gathering of clouds on a late afternoon Blue Ridge horizon.

Below, we have had lots of wildflowers in the fields. The chicory, for example:

And in spite of all appearances, Jojo is not sleepy here as she wheels her scooter up the driveway. But the kid who used to ham it up so much for the camera only a couple of years ago is harder to take a good picture of these days. I have to be satisfied with what I can sneak around and get. She was actually goofing around here and having fun. Seriously! 😏😊

It has been hot. We've kept cool with the help of ... cold drinks! This is a stout from a local restaurant. When beer looks this good, I can't help taking a picture of it:

Reepicheep does what Reepicheep always does: EAT! I was hoping for a nice cat smile, but instead I got a cold cat shoulder. I probably deserved it. It's like she's saying, "Leave me alone. I'm having lunch!"

There are many things I would like to write about--that I have even tried to write about. Words haven't come very easily. I've had much to ponder and I hope to get some of it down in writing eventually.

Meanwhile, life goes on and I continue to live it, day by day, step by step.