Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy "Music Day" AND "Thanksgiving" in the USA

For my friends in Argentina and other parts of Latin America, as well as in general Catholic tradition that honors Saint Cecilia, this is Día de la Música ("Music Day"). 

Even non-religious people in Latin America honor music and musicians on this day. ¡Feliz Día de la Música!

And, of course, we in the United States of America are grateful for EVERYTHING today (including music, though more attention is given to turkeys on the fourth Thursday of November😉).

Therefore, let us proceed without delay to pictures of FOOD!!! Below we have (1) my full plate; (2) serving dish with fresh green beans and mushrooms; (3) the amazing cranberry sauce from fresh cranberries and other fruits.

I don't deserve such a wonderful wife and family who have prepared such a feast, but I am grateful to God for them, and grateful to them beyond anything I can express. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (There's still pies coming later.😉)

Aaaand then came the pies: