Monday, May 4, 2020

Amy Lee Does it Again With New Evanescence Track

Yes! What better time than now for NEW EPIC MELODRAMATIC music from Amy Lee and EVANESCENCE? (You know I love it!😉🎵) 

This first single from their new album turned out (unintentionally) to be a perfect fit for “Life Under Quarantine.” 

The new video was shot independently by each band member on their iPhones from their homes, then mixed and produced into a brilliant presentation that manages to express “all-the-feels” of being stuck in the house while providing that surprising overall catharsis that Amy Lee and Evanescence consistently deliver. 

After touring the concert halls and opera houses of the world with a gorgeous symphonic reimagining and reconfiguring of the old catalogue, the band has returned to what at least one music writer has called a “traditional” hard rock sound.😜 German virtuoso rock guitarist Jen Majura (yes, she’s the other woman in the video) has been a great addition to the best ever Evanescence lineup. The music, as usual, is superb.🎶