Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Latest Effort to Crush the People of Hong Kong

I hope no one has forgotten about Hong Kong.

The Communist PartyState in China probably planned to establish its newly presented "Hong Kong Security Law" — a pretext for redefining the city's pro-democracy demonstrations as "sedition" — before the pandemic delayed the formalities of its bureaucratic process.

Now, after a three month delay, the annual meeting has finally begun of the National Peoples Congress (the enormous pseudo-parliamentary "rubber stamp" wielded by the Party to legitimize its unchecked, unaccountable decisions). For more information about the new "law," read the article linked below the image.

Whatever happens, the Protest Movement of 2019 — vindicated by Hong Kong’s District Council elections last November — spoke truth to power with admirable eloquence. Power has been left with no option other than to impose itself. 

Nevertheless, no one knows what the future may hold... #IStandWithHongKong