Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life Love Freedom Fire

What follows is a meditation that is trying to be a poem. It speaks of God's love and justice and mercy, and of the mystery of the gift of being that I have been discussing in this blog. I do write real poems, so I know that this is not polished. This is the way it came out. Just take it as it is:

Life Love Freedom Fire

He loves us.
He loves us.
He loves each of us.
He loves all of us.
Even if we drive Him away
Every day
Even if we run away
Each and every day
Even if we run away
through all our times; all our days.

He calls us to be free.
He will never force us
to accept His embrace.
But He cannot change
Who He is.
makes me to be.
He gives me myself.
I am His gift to me,
this is reality.
I am His gift;
He has no need for me.
And that is why
He gave me to myself,
to be my own.
I belong to myself.
No one, no thing
will make a slave of me.
He has made me free.
Not even He
will capture me.

But He who made me
is LOVE,
and love acts for love alone;
thus only love is free.
He is Love,
and He made me.
He made me for love.
He made me for Himself,
for Love acts for Love alone.
So He will never cease to love;
His love is a consuming fire
far greater than my desire.
If I say Yes He enters in
a light transforming from within
If I say No, He still says Yes
for Love is Love, and faithfulness.
He cannot say No to me
even if it tortures me
for then I would no longer be.
I am His gift to me
in Love He created me;
in Love He makes me
to be me;
this is His gift,
my reality
for Love can only love.

If love is not my desire,
still I am immersed in fire;
not changed
for I will not face
the open arms of His embrace.
Yet still, for Love says only Yes
forever and in faithfulness
to me, even if I myself
do not want to be myself.
Still Love says Yes to me.
Still Love wants me to be.
Consuming fire, forever flame
feels like unending pain
because I remain
outside and cold,
without the Light
that gives me to myself.

O God of Love who makes me be
Grant that I say Yes to you, to me.
Then I am freedom life and love
filled with fire from above
in the undying yes of love.